Watermelon Panzanella

A refreshing take on the classic Tuscan salad typically made with stale crusty bread and summer-ripe tomatoes. Panzanella is best eaten the day it is made. Do not refrigerate because you will ruin the texture and flavor of the tomatoes. Watermelon Panzanella

Red Beans and Rice Salad

Last night I went to a pot luck dinner with Charlotte Food Bloggers.  My friend Emma, the Southern Cake Queen, suggested I check this group out since I’m a budding food blogger and I need all the help I can get.  I’m a creature of habit and the idea of going out of my way to meet […]

Cranberry Apple Salad

This past weekend I went to a party in Atlanta to celebrate the 40th birthday of my friend Keisha. Since we have been friends for so long she is more like one of my sisters and I love her dearly. I was pretty excited about going to the party because it was the first time […]