Cherry Almond Meringue Cookies

It’s funny how you can go away on vacation to relax and unwind, only to return home more tired than you were when you left. My family and I just spent a week vacationing in Kissimmee, Florida. And I’m exhausted. I have two boys who think rest is for chumps. They dragged me and my husband to Disney World, Legoland, […]

Not PawPaw’s Fruitcake

Every Christmas my husband’s grandfather invited his family to partake of his treasured fruitcake.  And every year they declined his generous offer. At first PawPaw was met with polite refusals, such as “No, thank you” or “Maybe later.”  But after 10 years of the same cake the cordial declinations turned ugly. “No, thank you” and “Maybe later” transformed […]