Italian Wedding Soup

The term “wedding soup” is a mistranslation of the Italian language phrase minestra maritata (“married soup”) which is a reference to the fact that green vegetables and meats go well together. Basically, all the ingredients combine well like a simple happy love. Italian Wedding Soup


Pasta e Fagioli

This hearty “pasta and bean” soup is an Italian classic. It’s comforting and heartwarming, perfect for a chilly night. Pasta e Fagioli

Winter Vegetable Soup

Winter Vegetable Soup

A simple soup that packs a lot of flavor. Use whatever winter squash you have on hand to make this hardy, comforting soup. Winter Vegetable Soup

Ginger Beef and Ramen Noodle Soup

Like many college students, I’ve eaten my fair share of ramen noodles. The inexpensive pasta packet was a mainstay in my culinary reportoire. However, I’m not one to just pour water over the noodles and dump a salty flavor pack in the bowl and call it dinner.  No sir. My favorite concoction consisted of ramen, […]