New Book Cover

Since its release two years ago, my first novel,  A Second Helping, has received so much love and support from readers. And I have received a number of emails from readers that said they were initially draw to my book because of the chocolate cake on the cover. One reader even stated that the couple on the cover […]

My 2017 Summer Reading List

Now that school is out and the summer is in full swing, I can finally take a breath and relax a little. One of my favorite things to do when I have the time is read. I’m old-school so my reading format of choice is a good old-fashioned paper book. I love the feel of […]

Summer Loving Giveaway

How much do we love our readers? We’d like to show you! Enter to win a collection of 56 romance ebooks and a Kindle! One simple entry will subscribe you to 56 Romance Author Newsletters. Plus, gain additional entries through bonus sign ups! Unsubscribe any time, but please don’t label us as spam. Better still, […]

A Mother’s Hope

Eleven years ago, National Big Swirlee was born on Thanksgiving Day. During my pregnancy, I was so concerned that something was wrong, even though my OB/GYN assured me that everything was perfectly fine. Big Swirlee barely moved—unlike his brother who spent twenty-three hours a day running around like he was on a gerbil wheel—and I […]