Summer Loving Giveaway

How much do we love our readers? We’d like to show you! Enter to win a collection of 56 romance ebooks and a Kindle! One simple entry will subscribe you to 56 Romance Author Newsletters. Plus, gain additional entries through bonus sign ups! Unsubscribe any time, but please don’t label us as spam. Better still, […]

A Mother’s Hope

Eleven years ago, National Big Swirlee was born on Thanksgiving Day. During my pregnancy, I was so concerned that something was wrong, even though my OB/GYN assured me that everything was perfectly fine. Big Swirlee barely moved—unlike his brother who spent twenty-three hours a day running around like he was on a gerbil wheel—and I […]

When The Heart Dreams 2017

Last February, I had the opportunity to present a little workshop at the first When The Heart Dreams conference. This event was an opportunity for romance readers and authors to mix and mingle for the weekend. As an independent author, I thought participating in this event would be a good way for me to be […]

The Eighth Grade Blues

Big Mony Merchandice is thirteen, and I am struggling. Every time I look at my oldest son, I want to cry. He was just born, and now he’s interested in girls—and I’m not one of them. Not too long ago, Big Mony wanted to marry me. Now I’ve been kicked to the curb for some […]

Pick The Nice Guy

Today is my anniversary, and for the longest time I never talked about my relationship with Big Daddy outside of my family and close friends. I thought that talking about my marriage in public would somehow jinx it. That fear was put to rest by my editor when she said, “Oh, bull%$#@! That’s some superstitious […]

Keep Moving Forward

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I completed my first novel. By July 2015, A Second Helping had been re-written six times, edited and proofread. I hired a group of really talented people who helped with the editing process, photo shoot for the cover, cover design and book layout. As an indie author, I […]

Mother’s Day Rehearsal Brinner

This post is sponsored by Johnsonville. It’s hard to believe that I will be celebrating my 13th Mother’s Day this year. Not to sound too cliché, but it seems like only yesterday I was seven months pregnant with Big Mony Merchandice (formerly known as Luke) and celebrating my first Mother’s Day. It was such a […]

Just take the pants and say thank you

Let me begin by saying that I’m not too familiar with a lot of mom blogs. I’ve visited a few, and they seemed nice, and the parenting advice was pretty much rainbows and butterflies. I’m a mom, and I have a blog, but today I am feeling far from rainbows and butterflies. I pride myself […]

Snowed In

Last weekend the Charlotte area was hit with a winter storm that put the city on lockdown. Granted, we only got about two inches of snow, but in the South, the threat of two inches of snow will put a run on bread, milk and beer at every grocery store in town. Thursday, I didn’t […]

Snow Day Sale!

Since a lot of us are trapped inside weathering the first big snow storm of 2016, why not hunker down for the weekend and read a good book? Now is a great time to warm your heart with an old-fashioned love story and save some money, too! A Second Helping is on sale today for […]