Snowed In

Last weekend the Charlotte area was hit with a winter storm that put the city on lockdown. Granted, we only got about two inches of snow, but in the South, the threat of two inches of snow will put a run on bread, milk and beer at every grocery store in town. Thursday, I didn’t […]

snow day sale!

Snow Day Sale!

Since a lot of us are trapped inside weathering the first big snow storm of 2016, why not hunker down for the weekend and read a good book? Now is a great time to warm your heart with an old-fashioned love story and save some money, too! A Second Helping is on sale today for […]


Club Read

Last night I attended my first book club as the featured author. I had dinner with seven great ladies of Club Read, who welcomed me and my sister into their group. The book club rotates from house to house each month, and a fellow writer and friend was hosting the January meeting in her home. Kathleen […]

Me and Nick

A Peaceful Resolution

I haven’t made a New Year’s resolution since my 40th birthday. Stepping into middle age was more life changing than traumatic for me. I’d officially lived half my life, and there was no turning back. It was up to me to make the most of whatever time I had left. Instead of making another New […]