Pimento Cheese Arancini

I’m very particular about pimento cheese, and I would rather make it myself than take my chances with a store-bought brand. So when I was asked to come up with a recipe using Queen Charlotte Pimento Cheese Royale pimento cheese I was a little skeptical. I’d been burned too many time by bad batches of pimento cheese, and I ddin’t want to relive the experience. But I agreed to write the recipe and try someone else’s pimento cheese. Let me tell you, John Morgan makes the best pimento cheese I’ve ever had that didn’t come from my kitchen. I ate it out of the carton with my finger because that’s how good it is.2016-04-23 09.03.36

For my recipe, I incorporated the QCPCR original flavor in a batch of arancini (fried rice balls). After you bite into one of these pimento cheese arancini, all you’ll be able to do is sit back and let the fried creamy¬†goodness flow through your body. They will definitely make you happy. Pimento cheese arancini are beyond good.

Pimento Cheese Arancini with Pepper Jelly Mustard Sauce

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