Turkey BLC (Bacon, Lettuce and Cranberry)

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it’s all about the food (and being thankful, of course.) It’s the only time of year when eating is not plagued with guilt and dietary restrictions. Even the self-proclaimed vegetarians of the family race to the table to devour the prized roasted turkey. Thanksgiving is like the Olympics for me–I spend all year cooking in preparation for this day of epicurean feasting.

Each year my family and some close friends come to my house to celebrate Thanksgiving with me, my husband and our two boys.  We have a great time together, and the food is always awesome. I never try new recipes for Thanksgiving dinner, I stick to the classics –turkey, garlic mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, cornbread dressing, cranberry relish, just to name a few. There are 364 other days of the year to be adventurous  in the kitchen.

With Christmas music playing in the background, I spend the day cooking and laughing with my family and friends. Preparing Thanksgiving dinner is not stressful for me because I’m surrounded by people I love and who love me. And after a few glasses of wine it really doesn’t matter if dinner isn’t perfect.

We eat dinner early just so we can devote the evening to making sandwiches from the “leftovers.” Everyone has their Thanksgiving specialty constructed with their favorite fixins. Everything from the all-inclusive Dagwood Bumstead to the simple grilled cheese and macaroni sandwich are represented. My favorite Thanksgiving sandwich falls somewhere in between. I keep it simple, sweet and salty with my Turkey BLC. It’s a manageable sandwich that doesn’t lose its filling every time I bite into it, unlike my husband’s Thanksgiving Dagwood that requires a tarp over the table just to catch everything that falls out the other side of the sandwich when he bites into it.

Even though Thanksgiving only comes once a year, I’m blessed to experience life with wonderful people I have the opportunity to eat, drink and be merry with all year long.

Turkey BLC
Makes 1 sandwich

2 slices country white bread, toasted
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
2 tablespoons cranberry relish or cranberry sauce
2 lettuce leaves
2 slices muenster cheese
3 slices roasted turkey breast
3 slices cooked bacon

Spread the mayonnaise on one slice of bread and top with lettuce.

Place the cheese and turkey slices on the lettuce.

Add the bacon.

Spread cranberry relish on the other slice of bread and place on top of the bacon, cranberry relish side down. Cut in half and serve.

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