Cranberry Apple Salad

This past weekend I went to a party in Atlanta to celebrate the 40th birthday of my friend Keisha. Since we have been friends for so long she is more like one of my sisters and I love her dearly.

I was pretty excited about going to the party because it was the first time since my oldest son was born that my husband and I got to dress up in fancy clothes, dance with fancy people and eat fancy food together. It was an awesome party and I looked fabulous! I had this Queen Latifah/Sharon Stone thing going on with my sexy black sequined skirt and tailor white shirt. I looked hot. And yes, the men all paused.

One of my favorite things about fancy parties is the carving station.  Keisha knows this so she had one at her party just for me. It was the most beautiful sight I had seen in a long time. There was a table dedicated to this utterly devine filet of beef and all the trimmings. I thought I was going to pass out.  Keisha gave me the honor of being the first person to eat from the carving station.  (I really love her.) I presented my plate to the carving guy, and he gave me two thin slices of filet. I looked at my plate and wanted to say to him “Do I look like I just want two thin slices of meat? Dude, come on.  Hook a sista up!” But I remained gracious and accepted those scrawny slices with a smile. I wanted more but I didn’t want to seem greedy so I sent my husband to get me more.  He’s a big guy so I knew the carver would serve him accordingly. And of course, I was right.  Scott came back to the table with two brontosaurus slices of filet and I was a happy girl.

Everything was going great.  My husband and I danced the night away to Whodini, Rob Base and Naughty By Nature to name a few. Then suddenly all that beef and my Spanx began to wage war for ultimate dominance. It was horrible! My Spanx had reached DEFCON 1 and could no longer contain me. I went to bust a move but instead I busted the zipper on my sexy black sequined skirt! OH, SNAP! My husband shook his head and said, “You shouldn’t have eaten all that meat.” Thanks, Dear.

Since I broke my skirt I feel like I should limit my food intake to salad and water. However, I’m not one to just eat lettuce so I made this salad. It’s satisfying and filling without being overbearing.  I had most of the ingredients on hand so it was a pretty easy salad to make. I will enjoy this salad as I overcome my filet of beef binge.  I have learned my lesson and I promise not to lose my mind at the carving station at my sister’s office party next weekend. I will just hang out at the open bar.

Cranberry Apple Salad
Makes 2 to 4 servings

1/2 cup dried cranberries
4 cups mixed salad greens
1/2 cup toasted chopped walnuts
1/2 crumbled gorganzola
1 large Granny Smith apple

1 shallot, chopped
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
2 tablespoons cranberry water
2 teaspoons whole grain mustard
2 teaspoons honey
1/3 cup light olive oil
Kosher salt
Coarse ground pepper

Put the cranberries in a small microwave-safe bowl with 1 cup of water.  Microwave on high for 45 seconds.  Set the cranberries aside to soak for 10 minutes. Drain the cranberries, reserving 2 tablespoons of the cranberry water.  Pat the cranberries dry with paper towel.

Put the mixed greens, cranberries, walnuts and gorgonzola in a large bowl.  Core and slice the apple to 1/8-inch thick slices and add to the mixed greens.

Combine the shallot, vinegar, mustard and honey in a blender at medium speed until smooth, about 15 seconds. With the blender running, slowly pour in the oil until combined. (The vinaigrette will be creamy.)  Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Drizzle some of the vinaigrette over the salad to moisten. Gently toss to coat. Divide the salad among the plates and serve immediately.  Serve the remaining vinaigrette on the side.




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  1. OMG…girl, you are too funny. “The men all paused” really…you went way back, but that was in our era, huh. I’m still laughing.

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