Thank you for stopping by my website!

As you travel through the site you will discover a few things about me. I think I’m funny (Blog). I love to cook (Recipes). And I wrote a novel (A Second Helping). On sale NOW!  Click here to order your copy today!

In my blog I share some interesting things going on in my life. I write about the joys of relationships, the frustrations with my writing and the cool people I meet along the way who add a little spice to my everyday.

Anyone who knows me, knows that if you stop by my house there will always be something good to eat. Food is my love language and currency. I cook for friends and family to take care of them, show my appreciation and inspire them to do what I say. On the Recipe page you’ll find some of my favorite mouthwatering dishes that my family and friends can’t get enough of.

When I set out to write A Second Helping, I wanted a story that celebrated family and friendship. I wanted to write characters who were real and believable—people you wouldn’t mind inviting to your house for dinner. I also wanted to write a love story that captured the beauty and innocence of an old school courtship that blossoms into a sexy modern-day romance. A Second Helping is told with honesty and humor, and I hope you enjoy it!